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Author:  Ernie
E-mail:  not available
Date:  12/5/2011 9:06:36 PM
Subject:  Re: Happy Birthday, Ernie Bunch!
Message:  Thank You all very much. 31 years ago I began applying for a permit to hunt the Desert Bighorn Sheep here in Arizona. For 30 of those years I would call the number and hear a recording say "You were not drawn". On july 19th of this year the recording said "Draw Successful". There were 96 tags this year and 14,000 people applied for them.The season opened on my 57th birthday. So it was a very special day indeed. I did not find the Ram of my dreams last Thursday but Friday was a different story. I managed after much difficulty to place my tag on the hind leg of a truly impressive animal. So that is why I was not here to get your well wishes. I'll say it now though. Thank You very much.

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