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Author:  jeffrey
E-mail:  jelliot07@yahoo.com
Date:  11/15/2011 12:09:16 AM
Subject:  Blue to This Day
Message:  I just received my order,(Thank you very MUCH)for,"Blue To This Day."
I'm Listening as I write this post.
It has been a wonderful music week for me.
I Love and sing Mickey's songs.
I remember a post when I first found the porch that someone who had been to Florabama thought Mickey's fans were Manic Depressive.
Mickey was still alive back then and he personally answered that post as only he could. I will NEVER forget what he said.
" I Remember her, She was the ONLY one that wasn't Smiling!", He wrote.
God Bless you Mickey.
I still love you and always will.
Jeffrey e. m.

 Blue to This Day by jeffrey  at 11/15/2011 12:09:16 AM