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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  bjhighley56@btinternet.com
Date:  11/8/2011 3:20:13 AM
Subject:  Re: I found lost treasure!!!
Message:  Ginny
Your posting reminds me of so much that I enjoyed during my visit to Cottage Grove. Ron was one of the kindest men I've met and we continued to exchange emails after my trip to Gathering 2. I've attached below some of my recollections from 2000.
Kind Regards and Best Wishes

The Gathering     News From England

The Gathering CD arrived at my home today. To quote another song, “memories are made of this….”

Sitting in Room 205 of The Best Western Village Green, suddenly I could hear a guitar being played in the adjoining room: an accompaniment to a richly deep country voice. My first few days in Oregon had been interesting and exciting. Now the excitement rose to a new level as I hoped this wonderful singing, such a relief from the tedium of Country Music TV and radio, signalled the arrival of the Newbury brigade.

I went to the adjoining room to check if there was a Newbury connection. That was when I met Mary Margaret. And almost immediately afterwards, RB. For this quiet and sometimes quite shy Scotsman the next half-hour or so was a revelation. Mary Margaret talked to me, sang to me, asked me to play and sing for her. RB was enthusiasm made flesh. Their verve, their commitment, their music, their welcome, made me think: this is even better than I had ever hoped for.

Later that day my room door was knocked on and I opened it to Jeff and Ron. Jeff handed me the Seagull guitar that I played during the next couple of days. Ron’s first comment, or perhaps the one best remembered by the more vain side of my character: “you don’t look forty-four”. Jeff, thanks for the guitar. Ron, thanks for the compliment: I have the addresses of several excellent ophthalmologists! Their kindness, (their blindness!) made me think this is even better than I had ever hoped for.

Later still, Ron delivered a slip of paper. “That’s Mickey’s number. He want’s you to ring him.” It’s difficult to describe the range of feelings I experienced on hearing this request. Nervousness: what would I say, what should I say. Excitement: Mickey wants me to call! One very thrilled fan picked up the room `phone and made the call. The `phone was answered          

“ Hello.”     “Hello, Mickey? I’m Brian Highley. I’ve come over from England to be at the
Gathering. Ron Lyons gave me your number and said I might call…
and suddenly a man whose voice has sung to me for so many years is speaking with me. He’s speaking with me: interested, caring, interesting, amusing, giving, kind… However much Mickey manages to condense in the myriad layers of his beautiful songs, he worked the same magic in that unforgettably powerful `phone call. Mickey, the man, made me think this cannot get any better.

It did get better. The concerts of the Friday and Saturday. However well I’ve ever sung anywhere, I will never forget singing for Mickey and the Gathering. (I know you may never forget it either, but hypnotism may erase any frightening memories conjured up by the thought of that daft Scotsman) However good Mary Margaret and RB sounded in the various hotel bedrooms, they were red hot on stage in front of an audience. RB is one of the best musicians I have ever seen, anywhere! His heart is in the right place always and when he plays it’s in his music. RB, play that heartmonica!

Mickey invited me to visit him at his home. Susan, Laura, Steve, Chris, Mamie, Jerry: thank you all for your wonderful kindness. Thank you for your smiles as I struggled to eat the enormously generous lunch prepared for me that day. Mickey thank you for the hours (yes folks he spent hours with me) of conversation. Thank you for the music. Thank you for the songs. Thank you for everything: then and now and in future….

So many others deserve my thanks: Bud, Dave (Franklyn), Dusk, Leslie, Jeff (and his family), the Joes (Gilchrist and Ziemer), Martha, Mary Anne. The list goes on. Anyone whom I have not thanked, please forgive me. I have so much to remember.

The Gathering CD arrived at my home today. “sweet dreams: the memories you gave to me….”

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