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Author:  Ginny G.
E-mail:  ggnadt@att.net
Date:  11/7/2011 8:07:19 PM
Subject:  Thank you, Larry...
Message:  I appreciate the feedback. I know what you mean about that post making you feel both happy and sad. That's kind of the way I felt. Melancholy that we don't have Ron and others with us anymore, but also happy to read a loving report like this one from him again. I remember talking to Ron the Radio myself. Such a beautiful voice. :)

About those oil fields... don't forget the little people who've read your poems and complimented you all these years when you strike it rich. :) This reminds me a little bit of "The Beverly Hillbillies." Cement ponds and movie stars!

 I found lost treasure!!!  by Ginny G.  at 11/6/2011 10:54:31 PM
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 Re: Mamie... by larry larry at 11/7/2011 5:10:34 PM
 Thank you, Larry... by Ginny G.  at 11/7/2011 8:07:19 PM
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 Re: I found lost treasure!!!  by Brian  at 11/8/2011 3:20:13 AM
 What a wonderful post, Brian! by Ginny G.  at 11/8/2011 4:30:47 AM
 Re: What a wonderful post, Brian! by MAmie at 11/8/2011 10:16:43 AM
 Mamie... by Ginny G.  at 11/9/2011 4:34:27 AM
 name of song!!!  by ken moore  at 11/13/2011 8:32:28 AM