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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  11/7/2011 5:10:34 PM
Subject:  Re: Mamie...
Message:  Just in case she can't get her email, you might want to send the information to me and I'll make sure she gets it.


PS: And yes Ginny, I read your post. You are a sweet heart for doing what you do.

That stuff about Ron..... Just knowing that I am reading words that he put down gives me a kind of happy sadness, if that make sense.

Hear lately, Suzette and I will be riding around small places and towns, especially one certain almost 300 acres that Suzettes aunt left her a piece of, in her will, and they hit oil two months ago
( waiting on the first royalty check any day now) and we will comment on how Ron would love to see this area.
On the way home from one of the Gatherings, with us taking Ron to the Houston airport, we went some back roads and Ron was really, really, enjoying himself.

Every person, at those gatherings, were real special people but, somehow, when I see that picture of Ron and Roy together.... well.... they just made things " Complete ". Guess that sounds dumb but, thanks for posting it.

Never forget , before I met Ron, Dave telling me that when you talk to Ron "it's like listening to a ....ing FM radio."

When Ron first called me, by surprise, one night and said " Larry, This is Ron Lyons". My first thoughts were, " Dave was right. He sounds like a ....ing FM Radio".

After I hung up and Suzette asked me who I was talking to, I said " Believe it or not, I was talking to a ....ing FM Radio"

PS: There's talk of drilling another well on her aunts property.

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