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Author:  MICHAEL
E-mail:  mckbrd@yahoo.com
Date:  4/22/2004 3:59:24 PM
Subject:  KS/Boarding House
Message:  Hi. Am so sorry I never saw the post. We might have sat next to each other at Chucks Celler for all I know. Aside from Mickeys great set, I remember how dreadful the comedian was that opened the show. Ugh. Anyway, I moved from the Bay Area in '96 to of all places, Indiana. Wow. Although you think most of the US is the same, how wrong one can be. It's been an interesting experience and we still talk about moving on, at some point. Sorry to say, I will not be able to attend the "Gathering" but am already making a point of attempting to go next year, all things considered of course. Thanks for the note and am sorry I did not realize to go back and look. Take Care! Michael

 KS/Boarding House by MICHAEL  at 4/22/2004 3:59:24 PM