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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  10/17/2011 7:31:12 AM
Subject:  Re: Did you have a good time?
Message:  It was a good show. Not near as magical as the last one when she sang one of Mickey's songs and the audience went wild. There was a lady there that was also at the last concert, where she sang Mickey's son, and she was a pain in the butt. She sat next to Mamie and kept hugging all over her.
Also, I was told that she would be told that Mamie and I and the group would be there. We saw her after the show and she acted surprised that we were there and said that she wished she would have known and she would have done a Mickey song. I told her that she needed to do a cd of Mickey's songs. She said that sounded like a good idea. She started back signing pictures and stopped then said " You know, that is a good thought."

Mamie is doing great, much better than gathering 10. I seriously think that SHE will be at MY funeral some day.

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