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Author:  Enfinger
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Date:  9/20/2011 7:12:55 PM
Subject:  Mickey on "Family Reunion"
Message:  For the last several years I have purchased ALL of the "Country's Family Reunion" dvd's as they were released. This week we received the latest, titled "Gettin' Together". Tonight as Kathy & I watched the 2nd disc I got my birthday gift ...

Jeannie Seely sang "Makes Me Wonder if I Ever Said Goodbye" & then the whole group got to telling "Mickey" stories. Larry Gatlin told of Dottie West taking him by to meet Seely & Hank Cochran & Red Lane & they boated across the lake to Mickey's houseboat where he came out with a Camel, cup of coffee, & guitar & sang "Trilogy". Additional stories from producer Larry Butler & Jim Ed Brown about Mickey putting a snake in his motel room & then Moe Bandy, Johnny Lee, & Ed Bruce telling about Mick's golf tricks. It was absolutly wonderful ... & as Gatlin said, "He's here with us now".

Kathy watched my excitement & simply said ... "Happy Birthday" ... what a treat. We've gotten to know the producer of these shows, Larry Black, & most of the folks on Larry's Country Diner (we were on the Diner show in Nashville this past April) so it was EXTRA special to see them all pay tribute to Mickey. I've emailed & written trying to get Gatlin & Seely to tell "Mickey" stories on the Opry shows in Nashville ... what they did on "Gettin' Together" was a true tribute to our Mickey Newbury & I thank you Larry Black for including it on this series. Wow!!! I'm back to writing "books". Thanks for all the b'day (retirement) wishes. Someday maybe ...???

Pleasant listening,


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