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Author:  BarbraG
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Date:  9/13/2011 9:54:20 AM
Subject:  My son-in-law, Steve
Message:  Hey friends ... Steve is going into surgery again in just a little while. There is a complete blockage in his small intestines again, and he is down to 136 pounds. He is in the Air Force, and has served over 20 years. He is 41 . And, he is so very sick, in so many ways. Please pray for him and please continue praying until he is better. A feeding tube will be placed in his stomach today. He only has about 1/4th of his stomach remaining from the previous surgery about four months ago. Ashlyn in 7 years old, and all she has known of her daddy in the last year is that he is always sick. When he is deathly sick like this, she gets out her coloring books and colors frantically, my daughter said. When Steve had surgery four months ago, he was in ICU for over 60 days and on life support for the most of that time.   Right now, as I write this, Steve's three children, two grandchildren, his wife and his mother are by his side, and he has been prepped and is on stand-by for surgery. Father God, please bless us one and all, and my mom, today with her diagnosis of liver cancer.
Thank ya'll for your prayers. I love you.

 My son-in-law,  Steve by BarbraG at 9/13/2011 9:54:20 AM
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