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Author:  More September
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Date:  9/4/2011 8:03:42 PM
Subject:  Re: Something about Sept. 1
Message:  Dear Porch
Stu and Roisin
30 Sept 2001 10:53PM

Got the Velcro kids finally settled in. Want to share some of the trip. Drove the 101 up and the 5 back. Fog and rolling mists. Vinyards and blushing almond groves. Rain in beaded curtains on the windshield when we touched Oregon. Appropriate, Stu said. Idyllic pastoral setting. Horses in the pasture in Oregon light. Denser than California's. Mick and Susie at the door. Hug and kisses. Pictures: Susie driving the motor home. Stu in the co-pilot's seat. Curving country roads. The house in Vida hidden away in the wood. Peeking in the windows. Stu and Susie walking on the long deck under a canopy of trees. Picnic in the motor home. No caraway seeds for Mick. Afternoon sun glinting golden. Mick and I at the table seeing country he knows so well. He's telling stories. I'm watching what catches his eye. "...comin' home in the dark...after drivin' clear across the country... Those light of home through the trees again..." Next day at the house we listen to Long Road Home three times. We don't say goodbye. "Never, never..." Then gravel under our tires. The night turning blue. The light from your window...disappearing.    

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