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Author:  Larry larry
E-mail:  Lmooremnm@aol.com
Date:  4/21/2004 3:55:20 PM
Subject:  Mamie and Mark
Message:  I posted on the back porch about how great a job Mark Germino did in concert and how nice the tribute to Mickey was. He received two standing ovations and there was a long line to get his cd and autograph. Before he signed any, he met Mamie for the first time. Here he was the hero of the night to everyone there and this is what he was most excited about.

Mark from an email I received from him: "Meeting Mamie (hell, just eyeballing her) was the highlight of the evening for me. I was speechless."

Guess I just take her too much for granted.

Got that pupddin' made yet woman??

 Mamie and Mark by Larry larry  at 4/21/2004 3:55:20 PM
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