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Author:  erik christensen
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Date:  4/20/2004 7:02:42 AM
Subject:  cortelia clark sings, we all know mickey`s version
Message:  Much FUN!!!

In 1966 RCA put out a lp with late CORTELIA CLARK, real STREET MUSIC.

Titel "Blues in the street".

Cortelia was a afro american, blind singer, who also sold shopping bags on the street.
The shopping bags was sold for 10 cent each.

Recorded "live" downtown Nashville, between Church Street and Union on busy Fifth Avenue - you can here all the noise from people and cars.

Produced by Felton Jarvis.

There is a short Felton Jarvis interview with Cortelia at the lp start.

Label number mono LPM-3568/stereo LSP-3568.
John D. Loudermilk wrote liner notes.

This LP won the music GRAMMY for "Best Folk Recording" in 1966.


erik "the dane"

 cortelia clark sings, we all know mickey`s version by erik christensen at 4/20/2004 7:02:42 AM
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