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Author:  Keith
E-mail:  KeithGator@aol.com
Date:  6/22/2011 2:28:27 PM
Subject:  Mickey's Box Set on Drag City
Message:  This just in from Drag City:
OUT WITH THE NEW OLD NEWBURY...You know what? We're tired of talking up the deluxe new Mickey Newbury CD boxset An American Trilogy. You know why? It's all gone, brother! We don't have any more sweet-sweet-*$# limited boxed CD sets to rhapsodize over, they've all been shipped into the world — where they're still circulating around, so don't give up hope kids! And don't forget that we've got a lovely bunch of vinyl reproductions for the albums that our now-defunct deluxe box set covers (Looks Like Rain, 'Frisco Mabel Joy, Heaven Help the Child, Better Days). And don't forget that we'll have a smaller, more-cheaply-priced (but still awesome) version of the box coming soon! It'll have all the CDs but no map and a smaller booklet. But dig, the original booklet was so obscenely long that we don't figure to finish reading it until the end of the summer! And by then we'll have the new one in. So if you want a digital slice of vintage country-pop greatness but there's only so much you'll pay for it, good news! The mountain's coming down to you on this one, Mohammed. And in the meantime, don't forget that you can tune in to letter-perfect remastered LP reissues with beautifully dynamic grooves for Looks Like Rain, 'Frisco Mabel Joy, Heaven Help the Child and the newly released collection Better Days. They're here now!

It is a great set. I am glad that I bought it.

 Mickey's Box Set on Drag City by Keith  at 6/22/2011 2:28:27 PM
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