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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  6/21/2011 7:40:09 PM
Subject:  Gathering 2003/ Ron Lyons
Message:  Ron L.

Posted - 06/28/2003 : 20:20:41            

Of course, right now, there ARE people in the halls and rooms of The Sheraton Four Points in Austin but not for us who were there. Those rooms are empty now but will echo forever in our minds with hundreds of conversations and songs of love and promise. For so many of us, we never thought that anything like that would ever happen in our life.

Doug saved me a ton of time with his Austin Thanks. There are so many people who I only spent a brief time with in all that wonderful chaos. Connie Smith was one. Thanks for your pictures. They are fantastic. Felix and Barbara Manion and I only had a fleeting meeting. One thing about it was if you yelled "Barbara", you were pretty safe. I had such a great talk with Keith and Barbara Chastain and they are, like so many others there, such gentle and gracious people. Joe Newbury's mom is named Barbara and when Susan made sure she was on stage with the rest of the family, that was another "moment".

And wasn't that something? To sit in a stage in front of people many of them strangers and answer questions. It was an act of appreciation that we will never be able to repay. Marie Rhines was up there too. It was Susan, Chris, Leah, Philip, Laura, Joe, Babrbara and little Mickey Newbury. Some answers: Susan will continue to teach and she is working on 2 children's books and there is a screenplay project on the back burner for "San Francisco Mabel Joy". Leah continues to be very much involved in the Morman Church. Chris is trying to get all of Mickey's work transcribed to actual written musical form. Stephen got dusted with much of Mickey's talents and is working on his music as is Joe.

I can never remember who said that "the eyes are the windows to the soul" but that surely describes Marie Rhines. Marie has an impressive formal music education and has traveled around the world but has the most gentle down to earth aura of beauty and simplicity you will ever find. She is trying to jump start her career and like so many creative people hates to deal with the unpleasant realities of self promotion. To watch her and Jonmark Stone play and/or sing together is to witness the creation of a small instant magic moment. Unspoken and unsaid miracles travel from strings to strings. Their bodies move in God's rhythms and we are the better for it.

Dorothy Hamm is a scribe that captures the roots of America's music as well as anybody I know and sweeter than most. She's also going to promote the bio which does slightly color my opinion of her wonderfulness.

I barely had a chance to say hello to Lee Fry. Hi, Lee.

I felt like the world's biggest hypocrite as I went to Sunday services for the first time in 47 years.("You all know them damn Californians are Godless!") But I respect so much the people who sang that morning and Papajohn who has a rare and raw way of letting you see his soul's beauty, is one of the most powerful speakers I have EVER seen. His testimonial about his "Memasue" was the greatest publicly spoken declaration of love I ever heard. As I came in, Larry Moore yelled: "Better go to the front, backslider!".

I replied: "Ain't never been to the top, Larry"

You have read Larry ate Blue bell for his portion of "Open Mouth". What you don't know is when he got home he did 28 encores.

By the way, Franklin is right. Larry is WAY too easy.

I met Alan in the hall on Sunday whose last name is longer than my first marriage. I love to use that line since Lana and I were married for 12 years, divorced for 3 and remarried in 1980 and still going strong.

Ted Cheavens was there who drew the cover for "A Long road Home". Good lucking guy with a good looking wife. He and Susan are working on the book about the "Little Blue Robin" also on the new CD.

Jonmark and Marie closed Sunday night with his "The Night I Heard Newbury Sing" without rehearsal and I'm sure you will get to hear it. It was a bittersweet and wonderful ending the kind of magic few get to share.

About Lynn Brown becausee she is a symbol....a beautiful one at that. I had to beg and plead for Lana to come to Cottage Grove in August of 2000. She likes Mickey but is not into him like I am. When we got back home that Summer, I said:

"Well, what did you think?"

She replied: "I really liked the music and meeting the people but the most enjoyment I got was seeing how it fulfills you:.

Which is what Lynn, in essence, said to Randy. So thanks to all the spouses and mates who allow us to be who we are. It's a great gift.

Hello to Pete Smith, the gentlest of men with a quiet faith I so admire.

Thanks again to the tall and courtly Earl Wynn and his Suzi for finding all those songs for the bio and literally saving me weeks of work.

Tears filled my eyes with the courage and talent of Andrew Polk and his wife Pam. She is without a doubt the bravest person I have personally met..

Another cool guy is Ron McClure. Remember: "Two Rons Never nake A Right".

It is Monday morning; we are getting ready to leave and Jonmark and I are looking down on the lawn which was our green, green grass of home the night before during the tremendous barbeque Susan Williamson put together. I am thinking of Una, Mary Anne, Lois, and all those who loved Mickey so much. You were truly missed.

Roy, double and triple dittos for your accomoplished dream.

And ALWAYS...a tribute to Bob Rosemurgy....he preserves art for the heart and a talent for the ages.

Thank You.

Ron Lyons, The Austin gathering, June 20-22, 2003

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