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Author:  john thorne
E-mail:  littoluck@yahoo.com
Date:  6/21/2011 4:58:57 PM
Subject:  gathering 11
Message:  hi yall this is john bill had to show me how to get to theis sight   iv neverbeen on this sight before you see im scared of the world so i dont often share my feelings to many you see life hasnt been as good for m the past two halfs    iv lived but   i could tellu tales but i now have found my sappiness in myself thank god my first 16 years was filled with insest   ill not go ther the second part was getting married 4 times going ; to phyciricaist and geting my life back now i want to say i started going to the gathering 3 yesrs ago and   every time iv been everyone   there let me know im   family i came because mickys songs and how they influence some of my songs    i first heard of micky through bill bless his soul i use to hide from my fourth wife   nameless hhah i would go across the street to bill and he would give me a cigherett and beer which was tabu ahhh   to me    and listen to micky on the cd and if i was lucky   i would listen to some of bills and mickys conversations vis speker phone   sighlently    i remember what micky said about songs you put them out there   and theres some who wont like it but the ones that do its worth it the effort for them or somthing like that i know u get the meaning he influencxed me to get my songs out to others even theoug so scared    well at the gathering i feel the family   u have made me feel   my sisters and i are close family but thoes gatherings i feel the goodness from u people   i havent had much good but   i want to thank allaf u for what u gave to me while i was ther   youll nefver know   just know i saw mickys heart and soul there and i want to thank u all from the botom of my soul i thik its great what u made me feel   just so sorry i heard theere might not be another one u know poor turnout and all just know that through u    mickys love lives and is doing good things   if even one person   thanks again   love u john

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