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Author:  jeffrey
E-mail:  jelliot07@yahoo.com
Date:  6/18/2011 3:11:03 AM
Subject:  Sweet Memories
Message:  I don't know if it's true or if I have any of the facts right.
The story to the best of my recall is...
There was this Female that wanted to sing "Sweet Memories" to her husband for their 40th-50th-60th Anniversary. However, she couldn't remember the third verse. She had heard the song on a local Oregon radio Station. She called the DJ to ask if he knew the song and could give her the third verse.
" She Said it was a Willie Nelson Song."
The DJ, as the story goes, said,"No it is a Mickey Newbury Song, it only has two verses and he is a friend of mine.
She said, " No, it is a Willie Nelson song and it has three verses.
The DJ told her, " I will see what I can do and asked her for her phone number.
He then called Mickey and told him the story I have related to you, gave Mr. Newbury her Ph# and told him to do with it as he choose.
It seems Mickey called this woman and told her, he was the songwriter and there were only two verses. She told Mickey he was wrong. She didn't know who he was, Willie Nelson was right and she still needed the third verse.
Mickey asked her if he could call her back, she must have said yes. ( How could you not.)
Then Mr. Newbury wrote a new third verse to "SWEET MEMORIES".
That is the kind of man I want to be.

He told it to me as fast as I could write.
Perhaps it will show up again someday,
But at that time I was losing my home my lover and my life.
   If anyone has a copy of the New Third Verse?
Need I ask ?

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