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Author:  Mathew
E-mail:  aquilmatt@gmail.com
Date:  6/8/2011 9:27:31 PM
Subject:  Re: discovering Mickey Newbury
Message:  Hi there,

My name's Mathew, I'm 21, from Australia and have just discovered the wonder that is Mickey Newbury thanks to a glowing review of his 'American Trilogy' boxset in the latest MOJO magazine. It's sort of serendipitous I suppose since I loved Elvis's version of 'An American Trilogy' previously, not knowing it's origins - needless to say I like Mickey's version more and am currently listening to his three 'masterpieces' with every intention of getting my hands on the 10 album boxset once I can afford to splurge!

I have a tendency to fall for the underdog artist but it's rare that one gets to me as instantly as Mickey has - here's to many more years of enjoyment!

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