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Author:  Ginny G.
E-mail:  ggnadt@att.net
Date:  5/21/2011 1:58:10 PM
Subject:  Candle groups for Leah & Egbert
Message:  I started candle groups on the back porch for Leah & her baby and for Egbert. We're praying for a safe and healthy delivery for you, Leah. You deserve the best. Please just take it easy and know you're in our prayers.

Egbert, it sounds like you are happily on the way to full recovery, and I'm so glad. I'm very familiar with heart stents, and can imagine you are feeling so much better than you were. I'm less familiar with strokes, and hoping all the danger is passed for you. So glad you got timely medical help.

 Candle groups for Leah & Egbert by Ginny G.  at 5/21/2011 1:58:10 PM