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Author:  Bill Clark
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Date:  4/16/2004 7:21:38 AM
Subject:  new
Message:  While I have know of, and appreciated, Mickey's
music for years, I am a relative newcomer to the
website, and to collecting all of Mickey's per-
formances on CD. He was, indeed, UNIQUE....as a writer, and certainly as a performer.
I am certainly impressed by the members of his family who post on this board, and of the many others, both amateur and professional, who con-
tribute to the rest of us here. I've learned a couple of things here: good folks are welcome, and there is a certain amount of good education that can be garnered from this site. Congrats on 47 years of marriage, welcome to newcomers, and the Newbury family is AGELESS....... Susan became ageless when she became a Newbury. BC

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