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Author:  andrew p
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Date:  4/16/2011 11:17:48 PM
Subject:  Re: Was Mickey a Smoker?
Message:  I've seen so many of my friends struggle with quitting...sometimes it goes down like this; smoker, heartattack, quit, start again, heartattack, quit, start again, quit, more health problems, start again, quit, start again, etc...have heard it's a more difficult habit to kick than heroin...all I know is I quit cold turkey, the end of smoking...no looking back, ever, not even one cigarette...quit, period.
and I know it's not that easy for everyone else...but it truly was for me...but I don't really think I was really hookeed on nicotene...
for ANYONE & EVERYONE who has never smoked, or has quit...good on you, and good for you

a former smoker..andrew

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