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Author:  Virginia
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/8/2011 12:47:51 PM
Subject:  Thanks and update
Message:  My sincere thanks for prayers.candles lit, phone calls and e-mail...this is my latest information...

I met with a team of Oncology specialists this week.....as a group they decided to do lumpectomy with broad margins...they feel sure following these guidelines I will not need radiation.....however I will have to take an oral form of chemo for 5 years....All of my pathologies came back good..hence the reason for the course of treatment.....the only lingering question is going after the sentinel node.....given my heart history they were reluctant to have me go under general anesthesia....the lumpectomy would have been under local....

I have decided to seek a second opinion in Boston at the Dana Farber Breast Cancer center...I'm at stage one...I expect to have surgery beginning of May...more testing ...bone density etc. already scheduled....hopefully Boston will arrive at the same conclusion as the group at UMMC...if Boston agrees with UMMC re: Sentinel node and no need to go further than the lumpectomy then I will not have to have the second surgery....the nodes they took from the axilla were all clear....

Prayers are so appreciated and felt...
Love y'all

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