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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  4/7/2011 6:41:41 PM
Subject:  Lorrie Morgan concert
Message:  Mamie and I arrieved at the theatre early so I drove around a few minutes and came back. We should have parked when we had a chance. The place was already beginning to be packed and close parking spaces were non existent. My big worry was that I was going to have to let Mamie out with the crowd waiting to get inside, while I parked down the road. I saw a couple of teachers that I used to teach with and left Mamie with them.

When I got back, all the uppity people, who ran the place and county were getting their pictures made. I saw an, evidently hired photographer. I told him that he needed to get a picture of Mamie, in her long black dress and black hat to boot. When he finished with the big shots , he made his way down to us and was so satisfied with his first picture of Mamie, that he made another. I think that, if you wanted one, he gave you a ticket and you go inside to pay for it. There were several there that evidently didn't like the way they looked, in real life, in the morning, that thought they looked good in the pictures so he had a great business going.

Just before the place finally opened up and we went in and found our seats, another teacher friend of mine, Julie Hare, drove up and was thinking about getting one of the few seats left in the building. $59 and a seat remaining in the balcony was hers.

The opening group was a Bob Wills style singing group of gentlemen. I could tell that Mamie was wanting to get up and dance. We were only four rows from the center stage.

But, before the group began we had to listen to the introduction of everybody that was anybody that had anything to do with the old theatre and the arts. Then an advertisement for Texas Independence day festivities that was coming up in a few weeks.

When the local group stopped playing and we were ready for Lorrie to take the stage.....we had a brief intermission for the people that had back stage passes to come up and line up, I guess to have their picture made with Lorrie Morgan. Me, not knowing anything about back stage passes, left my seat and asked a young man if he would be so kind as to tell Lorrie that Mickey Newbury's mother was in the audience. He was very polite and said he would.

Finally Lorrie Morgan took the stage, looking beautiful as usual, and began singing. You could feel the electricity in the building as everyone already could tell that they were about to get their money's worth.

The show was pretty much like the one that I saw, with Suzette, at Dosey Doe's. About midway through, things changed when she said that " I've been told that some people from Mickey Newbury's family are here." With the stage lights in her eyes she covered them and asked who it was. I pointed to Mamie and she said " Who is it?" I yelled " Mamie!" she said " Mamie....Oh! Mamie!.... awww, stand up sweet heart" as the audience politely applauded, not knowing that every emotions they had ever felt was about to be felt in a much different and moving way in a very few minutes from then, than they had ever felt before. Lorrie went into the story about Mickey being one of her dearest friends and influences of hers and she also said something along the lines of Mickey being one of the greatest song writers of all time.

You could see that none of this part had been planned as she told the band to just rest a few minutes as she tried to remember the words of one her favorite Newbury songs. She said that she hadn't sang it in a long time and for us to forgive her if she messed up.

The room became quiet as she had them turn the lights down to just a spot light on her. She fiddled with her guitar a few minutes and took a deep breath and began .... "The orphans no longer....." From then on it was sheer Magic. I don't even think that anyone took a breath through the whole song. Then the last words she sang... " Tell me where will she..... go?" It was something like out of a movie. The place erupted with claps , shouts, whistles, and a standing ovation that lasted several minutes as Lorrie had to bow several times before the audience started to return to their seats. It was something that every Newbury fan would love for the world to hear.

The concert finished a few minutes later and everyone scrambled to the rear for cd's, autographs and pictures. On the way out I saw the young man that gave Lorrie my message. I thanked him again. He asked if he could have his picture made with Mamie because his mother is a big Mickey Newbury fan. So I did my best, with his camera to get a shot of them. He seemed very excited. I thanked him again.

When we got out to the foyer and saw a zillion people standing between us and the autograph table, I figured our chance at Mamie and Lorrie getting to talk were all but gone. There were several sheriff deputies there and when I asked them if they got to see the show and they told me yes, I said this is Mickey Newbury's mother, that Lorrie was talking about. All of a sudden it was like the parting of the Red Sea. The offices made a path for us to get down front and have a seat.

We waited off to the side as everybody and their dog bought a cd, picture and had their picture taken with Lorrie. Every once in a while this fat *ss " Who's Who " type of guy would introduce Lorrie to some big shot, of the arts, that had something to do with supporting the theatre and they would get their picture made with Lorrie also. He made a comment to me about how so many people , there, knew me.

It was nice to be sitting down front but the photographer was between us and Lorrie , so she never saw us. I had my friend Julie sit with Mamie as I went to the bath room. When I got back, the line was starting to wind down, although not many people left and "Mr. Photo" still had his camera going and his butt right in Mamies face.

I walked up to the front of the line and asked Lorrie " Are you going to go hug her, so I can take her home?" She looked over, and like a bullet out of a gun, she was hugging Mamie and then sat down beside her, both holding hands with each other and it was like nobody else there mattered at all and the most important thing was for those two to be talking.

The main indication that there were still people around were the hundreds of flash cameras going off as the two of them carried on a conversation. Lorrie told " Mr. Photo" that she wanted one of the many he took of her and Mamie.

As Lorrie stood up, she looked at me and said, " See, I told you that if you would get her to a show I would sing a Mickey Newbury song."

All of a sudden, even I became important, in the eyes of "Mr. Photo" as he started to point his, very expensive looking, camera at us and said with a big "sh*t eating" grin, " Would you like a picture of you and Lorrie?" I could feel my eye brow narrow as I looked at him and said, " I already have a picture of me and Lorrie," Lorrie smiled, I grabbed my, oh so often, date's hand over these past years and we headed out for New Caney, Texas.

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