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Author:  Karen (Australia)
E-mail:  karenwarne7@gmail.com
Date:  3/19/2011 7:02:24 PM
Subject:  Hi again
Message:  Thanks for my welcome back folks. I am so sorry I am not able to rock a while on the porch with y'all more often but I struggle to keep up with my lot these days. I still suffer fatigue which reduces my energy levels considerably and I have fairly long hours to work and lots to do (don't we all!). But I am otherwise well and so is my family. That's the main thing.

I still remember you in my prayers, porch people! And I will never ever stop listening to Mick and loving him. I treasure the memories I hold of Perdido Key and times with Mick on the porch and the phone. His music remains that of my heart.

OK, update... Neil and I still have the Post Office in this little (pop. nearly 5000) country town in New South Wales called Junee. Our days are long and busy but very pleasant as the people here are down to earth with a great sense of humour. One rarely stops smiling all day.

The kids are mostly very well. My eldest, Lara, still has health battles (anxiety and depression), which tears me up. Middle girl, Peta, has been living in the UK for over 7 years, working as a speech pathologist mainly with children. She and her boyfriend, Justin, an Aussie she met in London, are currently doing their last trip before returning to Australia to settle in Melbourne. They have been exploring South America for nearly three months, currently hiking in Patagonia. Peta says she now looks like Madonna (muscly!).

Son Stuart is still singing and writing songs. He has been working on an album which is a long time coming but things are not so easy when you are flat broke! This weekend he is in Sydney with musicians from the YouTube symphony orchestra and members of Tourism Australia. The orchestra plays its grand finale tonight our time at the Sydney Opera House and Stuart has a ticket.

Tourism Australia and YouTube recently combined to do a wonderful thing. They took four young classical musicians from the orchestra, from overseas, and four young Aussie contemporary musicians and put them together for about 8 days in different parts of Australia to showcase the scenery and to come up with a piece of music reflecting their experience together. You can see the final videos of their times together and hear the music that each couple came up with at www.australia.com/campaigns/makingtracks/index.htm. It is well worth a look and listen.

My son, Stu, was paired with Samuel, a bassoonist from Florida but originally a Texan - yay Mick!) and the video is such a celebration of life and two happy, healthy, carefree young men that it makes me cry. (That's how it should be isn't it? but it aint always...). The music is beautiful, but I am biased! I love all four vidoes and music and think the whole concept was just brilliant. You can see that each couple was very unsure at first that they could come up with something in such a short time and with a musician from a completely different genre and country, but they DID and so well.

Love to everyone here,

Karen XXXX

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