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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/14/2011 1:29:02 PM
Subject:  Suzette update
Message:  She is still in the hospital. The doctor said it was one of the worst ruptures he's seen. He said that it was probably ruptured a good 48 hours or more when he did surgery. She's tuff. When I picked her up Thursday morning to go to a different doctor, she was sitting in the floor teaching her autism class, most likely with a ruptured appendix. The doctor she saw a week before said that she had a pulled stomach muscle. I don't like the idea of talking bad about doctors or taking them to court but this was complete negligence. Suzette said she was in the examining room for just a few minutes.

God bless the doctor where I go, Even though she isn't a patient of his, Dr. Laningham.   examined her and said for us to go straight to St. Luke's emergency room and don't stop for anything. We did and they did surgery a few hours later after determining that her appendix had already ruptured.

The next night my, while at the hospital, MY blood pressure dropped to something like 60/40 and I had to be admitted. I was in room 360 and Suzette in 354. My hands were red and burned like crazy and I could barely function with sweat falling like rain. I was in the bathroom and in a very weak voice tried to call for help. The whole floor staff was trying to find me. Thought it was a heart attack but wasn't and I was discharged the next morning.

I'm home for about an hour or so and then going back up to stay with her. Maybe she will be home soon.

Hope this makes some kind of sense.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

Love ya,


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