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Author:  Joe Z
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Date:  2/26/2011 3:33:50 PM
Subject:  Re: Question for Joe Z.
"Wesley Rose gave Mick a song to complete, which had been left 'half unfinished' by one of Mick’s heroes. When Hank Williams was found dead in his car, a shoebox was discovered containing his unfinished 'Cowboys Don’t Cry.' Mick completed the song a few years later, and Waylon Jennings covered it. But as Mick did not like how he had finished it, 25 years later he would redo the song. Mick sang it to me once over the phone... Simply beautiful. Perhaps one day it will be released." (From C&S)

Bill, I don't have a copy of Waylon's cover of "Cowboys." I will have to do a bit of research to let you know more. As I'm heading out on a trip tomorrow for a few days, I'll research it when I return. Hope all is well with you and Linda.       

COWBOYS DON'T CRY (Williams/Newbury)
Cowboys don't cry, so they tell me
Ah, but here's one that's lonesome tonight
The love that would shine
When she was all mine
Is now drifting away with the light

Sometimes I think of my heartache
Rememb'ring the love we once knew
It's then they roam
So far from my home
There's nothing else left now to do

Listen to me all you cowboys
When I die will one of you sing
I'm going away
Where the whippoorwills stay
And bury my guitar with me

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