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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  2/25/2011 5:36:35 AM
Subject:  Lorrie Morgan
Message:  Well, Lorri Morgan is in our area again. She will be performing at the Crighton Theatre, in Conroe Texas. Same place that Mark Germino played the night Mamie went there and he did a tribute to Mickey. I just purchased two tickets for me and Mamie. Suzette can't go because she wouldn't get home in time and the next day is a school day.

Our tickets ( which cost $59 a piece plus the, "screw you" fees for a total of ONE HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT *@$%%&* DOLLARS!!!) are on the fourth row ,tickets 101 & 102. in the center section.

Now, I need some help. The last time Lorrie Morgan was here at Dosey Doe ,Mamie was in the hospital and she didn't get to go but Lorrie talked on the phone to her and then she ( Lorrie ) told me that she had considered doing a Mickey Newbury song. I would like for someone that knows her to get hold of her and tell her that Mamie will be there for her performance.

Obviously , she didn't give me her phone number that night, so if anyone knows, her please tell her or give her my email. I'm going to see if Steve Said, owner of Dosey Doe, can help me.

Anyway I would like for her to know that Mamie is out there.



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