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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/21/2011 10:36:06 PM
Subject:  Re: jimmy webb concert in denmark!
Message:  Thanks girls and boys!

BUT try to remember again, I am after all, only Erik from Denmark, not more or less.

Maybe the "magic" is over today, or it can lives forever!

More from Tim from England!

Hi Erik,

Just had another thought - Do you remember Linda Ronstadt's interview about The Moon's a Harsh Mistress when she was talking about Jimmy breaking down in the middle of a live broadcast and he couldn't go singing the song.

She said then that the moon is a 'mother' figure and it may have had something to do with Jimmy's mother dying when he was young.

Well maybe the moon on Friday was a symbol of your mother looking over you and your friends.

I shall certainly never forget the experience!



erik "the Dane"

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