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Author:  jimM
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Date:  4/14/2004 10:22:21 AM
Message:  I would like to take this opportunity to say a couple of things. Ever since receiving "An American Treasure" I have been listening quite intently. I don't know any of the awards Ron L is in line for. If I had an award to give, it would have already been given. What a wonderful creation he has brought to life. My only award is a heart felt Thank You. Thanks is such a small word to pack so much meaning. I will cherish it till the day I die.
     When this Porch just a thought, a few men were responsible for bring life to it. Dave F, Ernie B and a few others I do not know got the concept going and supplied their effort to insure that this Porch was built. Sweet Bobby and Jack Gilcrist put their money and efforts where their hearts were. Joe Z has spent 3 plus years writing a book about his friend and has worked to near exhaustion. He gave it the "Newbury Effort". What I am trying to say is that we owe a lot more to people other than Mickey for where we are today.
     I have laughed and cried on this porch. What I have never stated is that I suffer from clinical depression. I am not braging nor complaining; I am just stating fact. I can tell you that the only "Medicine" I take is this Porch. So, when I post that I love this Porch or you can't imagine what this Porch means to me; maybe the gravity comes through.
     Love and appreciation to all the poeple I have mentioned and also the ones I haven,t. You have made my world and I am sure many, many other folk's world a much better and happier place to be. Mick must certainly be smiling. He has every right. God bless you all.

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