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Author:  rickydee
E-mail:  richard4781@yahoo.com
Date:  2/14/2011 12:48:52 PM
Subject:  My introduction to the music
Message:  One night in the summer of 1970, I was in college, a friend of mine, the artist Virgil Grotfeldt (you can google him), knocked on my door and handed me two albums.

He had been to a shopping mall and had bought some cut-out albums for 49 cents each, took them home and listened to them, and went back and bought all the copies they had of two of them. He was going around to everyone he knew and giving them copies.

One was Tracy Nelson's country album. The other was Mickey Newbury's Looks Like Rain.

A life-changing experience! I was just beginning to discover country music, and I had never heard anything like that before! Kind of the Sgt. Pepper of country! It changed my life, and I am still a big fan.

Just thought I'd share....

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