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Author:  erik "the Dane"
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Date:  2/8/2011 9:55:13 AM
Subject:  Re: DENMARK - SOLD OUT!
Message:  So SAD, you NOT was able at this moment to come over and open for JIMMY WEBB, maybe with brother Chris and Jonmark.

And sadly also I got to act SO FAST - I sign CONTRACT 4 weeks ago and tickets got for sale, 20 days ago and now SOLD OUT TODAY - 250 TICKET`s TOTAL!

I so much WANTED a NEWBURY(s) / JONMARK - JIMMY WEBB evening - and not was able to do it SO FAST and also invite you!

NOW I maybe have a "stand in" LAURA, by my side this evening at art museum LOUISIANA in town Humlebæk, 1/2 hour car drive from Copenhagen.
She is almost as beautiful as you Laura-S., and I speak about J.W.s wife Laura, who just are a sweet lady, down to earth.

Much love send out to the little family there in Oregon!


erik "the Dane"

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