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Author:  Joey L.
E-mail:  Joeyferris@aol.com
Date:  4/10/2004 10:24:32 PM
Subject:  Re: Remember what???
Message:  Jackie, Texasroyce,

Don't worry, chill out. Joey L. has a three-split personality. Josito only comes out after Joedy has passed out. I poke fun from time to time on such "sacred items" (but check the Back Porch to find my passion for the subject).

I know what you speak of when you talk of political or historical 'correctness'. I mean, I read that when they made "Viva Max" with Peter Ustinov, the Sons of Texas were there to make sure the filming did not get too far out of hand.

In reality, the battle of the Alamo was a Mexican victory, albeit Pyrric (sp?). I mean, I kinda feel sorry for those b*****ds who were told "Hey, go take that wall over there". Like the G.I.'s who were told, "Hey, take that hill".

Those that know me, know my personalities. Those that don't, might know be better.

Joey (and Joedy, y Josito)

 Remember what??? by Joey L. at 4/9/2004 11:07:57 PM
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