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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/1/2011 6:38:18 PM
Subject:  Re: Lulled...
What a work of art! This is Mickey at his finest. Someone once said that this was his "White Album". I cannot disagree.

This is probably his most diverse album but every single song fits, in the order he put them in. It is truly a masterpiece.

It is two or three albums rolled into one. I understand that Freight Train Howlin' was actually the first song cut for the album. Captured in Blue, Just Another Lovely Day, and Blue Sky Shining compliment each other so well. Doo-wop, Mickey's beginnings. Shades of '63 begins another message, 'til the end of the album. It ends and I sit in silence, and in wonder.

Not only the music but I also like who he chose for the album cover!

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