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Author:  Michael O'Hanlon.
E-mail:  douglasweekly@eircom.net
Date:  4/9/2004 7:54:38 AM
Subject:  Happy Easter
Message:  Good morning America how are you,long time no write, I'm glad you enjoyed my piece on my intro to mickey's music all those years ago.A special thanks to Laura and Mamie for their kind words,that meant a lot to me.Tomorrow(Saturday)morning my wife Cecelia (according to mickey I married a saint!!)and I are Driving away to Waterville in Kerry for the Bank Holiday weekend.The Great Charlie Chaplin used to have a summer holiday home there,and one of his daughters still visits. We stay in the Smugglers Inn which has bedrooms looking out onto the ocean and the mountains, and there is a huge beach walk outside the back door.It's as close to heaven as one could wish for.Last Easter we met two American ladies on holiday there from Utah.Mary and her daughter Marrianne were great fun."are you Mormons?" I asked. Back came Mary's reply"Michael, when was the last time you saw a mormon drinking a pint of Guinness and smoking a cigar", which was what she was doing."we're Catholics and we love to Party!!!" I had a Marty Robbins CD in my car,the Innkeeper put it on the background music system, I picked Track no. 6, Marty singing "My Elusive Dreams"(You followed me to Utah) we all sang along and the Irish Coffees flowed, until the Sandman called.                                                                      Now we're going back with two sets of good friends, to walk on the beach, enjoy a good fillet steak,a bottle of wine,a few more Irish Coffees and some good conversation and if the Good Lord feels so inclined a little sunshine would just about wrap it up for us. So, my friends, happy Easter and enjoy life.                                                                     bye for now, Michael

 Happy Easter by Michael O'Hanlon.  at 4/9/2004 7:54:38 AM
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