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Author:  Texasroyce
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Date:  4/8/2004 9:12:24 PM
Subject:  Re: OK....
Message:  All I wanted do was sneak in and steal a little lemonade and listen a bit and steal away to the golf course. Didn't expect a pack of folks chasing me in their rocking chairs.

I'm on an island in the blue Pacific. I guess I need to be honest. It is an island but in the green San Francisco Bay, Alameda. Not a lot of country music fans here but I just turn my nose up at them and know that I have something special that they will never have.

I used to drive to Texas a lot but took a trip back to Tennessee to get my picture taken with a guitar on the Ryman stage and drove to Mickey Newbury's old stomping grounds, The Big Thicket. The skeeters chewed me up. Must like my sweet California blood. Got a house in Bandera, TX along with a brood of grandkids nearby. Left y Buick there to have when I visit. Gonna spend 6 weeks babysitting and golfing and visiting relatives and friends and the last weekend with you folks in Austin. My daughter is looking forward to the Gathering too as long as you guys will sing her some Newbury songs. She is tired of me singing Rhinestone Cowboy.

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