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Author:  Craig
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Date:  1/6/2011 5:31:01 PM
Subject:  Our Friend Kenny
It was just few short years ago that I had discovered through the Porch that SusieG knew an old friend's brother. How this came about was sheer coincidence (yeah, right). I had lost contact with him since 1977. We were the best of friends back then but things like that happen. He had moved to Florida, I had joined the Navy. I had gotten married towards the end of my enlistment and life just happens.

I didn't know SusieG very well then and emailed her asking if it were possible to maybe ask my friend's brother for his telephone number to give to me. A few days go by and I received an email from her with Kenny's phone number. I called him that Saturday morning...

"Kenny, this is Craig. How's it going?"

"Oh, hey dude" was his reply.

We picked our friendship up right where it had left off. We became the best of friends again over the next few minutes on the phone. We caught up on what had gone on the past number of years.

Janet and I took Pete and Mamie over to Lafayette one weekend and went to where Kenny worked. As with everyone, Mamie loved Kenny from the very first meeting, and he likewise with her. We had a good visit with him and got together a couple of more times over that weekend. The Festivals Acadienne was rained out but we still had great time.

I never will forget Mamie and Pete at Mulate's in Breaux Bridge. Especially when we took them over another friend's house that Sunday evening and ate the gumbo that he had made. It was much better than Mulate's but I wish they wouldn't have said anything to him. I hear it everytime I see him now.

Kenny went to the Gathering in Austin the next summer and just had the greatest time. We both did! Janet, Kenny and I had a great road trip to the Gathering that year, the first of many. Kenny endeared himself to many people and was then a fixture at the Gatherings thereafter.

Alaska Shirley and Queen Virginia went to south Louisiana one December and of course Janet and I went over to meet them. Of course going to Lafayette always meant a get together with Kenny. The same when PapaJohn and Sue came down for the Festivals Acadienne the 2 years prior to Pete and Mamie going. (We had intended on going the year after them but Katrina had hit Mississippi and Louisiana. The hotel called and said that due to people that had evacuated, all of the rooms were taken.)

On numerous occasions, when traveling on I-10, we would always stop in Lafayette and meet with Kenny and his son Geoff. We would usually end up at Deano's Pizza. One of our old haunts when we both worked at the Center Cinema. Ultimately, Kenny became the youngest manager of a movie theatre, I was one of his two assistant managers. He was 19 at the time. The youngest to ever hold that position.

We would of course have to stay until the end of the last movie and close up. During those times, Kenny we listened to such music as The Moody Blues, James Taylor Seals & Croft and whatnot. Kenny introduced me to an unknown artist at the time that went by the name of Jimmy Buffett. It was different but pretty good music. He asked me at one point if I ever heard of Mickey Newbury. I had no idea who he was until he told me that it was he singing, "American Trilogy" that channel 10 signed off the air with every night. I then knew who he was talking about. The very first Newbury album he played for me was "Looks Like Rain" I can hear the needle scratch to this day in the manager's office of that movie theater. I was mesmerized and taken aback. I had not heard anything like it before or since then. Of course the next album was "Live at Montezuma Hall". Probably my favorite live album but as they say, the first cut is the deepest.

I gave Kenny my copies of "Heaven Help the Child" and "I Came to Hear the Music" so he could make cassette copies of them. LPs onboard a ship are pretty useless. Cassettes were much more sailor friendly. That was about the time that we lost contact.

This is one of the great things about this Porch. Many friendships have been made and rekindled.

There are many here that met and got to know Kenny at the Gatherings in Austin, Gainesville, and this past June in Houston. One of the nicest and in my opinion, one of the greatest guys that anyone could meet. Many have enjoyed his company and have become good friends with him. Sheriff Joey swore him in as one of his deputies in his posse!

I posted on the Back Porch a thread concerning my Uncle J.C. that recently passed away. I attended the funeral yesterday. It was celebration of life. After the funeral service I was driving to the cemetery. My phone rang and it was Gloria, Kenny's sister.

"Hi Craig, it's Gloria"

"Oh Hey! How are you?"

"Craig, I have some bad news..."

"No Gloria..."

Our friend, Kenny passed away unexpectedly yesterday morning. He had not been ill, he had not been sick, it just happened. It was his time to go.

I am posting a link for the arrangements on the Back Porch. There is also a place there if you like to leave a message.

The funeral will be at 11 AM Saturday, January 8 at:
Martin & Castille Funeral Home
330 St. Landry
Lafayette, LA

Kenny was much loved by many of us here. He also loved us back.

We've all lost a best friend.

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