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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  1/6/2011 9:46:52 AM
Subject:  Re: Looking for Freedom
Message:  Jason, so glad that your dad got to talk to Mickey. Seems that today, I miss him, and all the friends, that have passed away, that I met because of Mickey, more than usual.

I've been riding down the highway listening to a cd, that I think was sent to me from Karen Runk. It's not an official release or anything but just some songs that Mickey wrote. I was crying like a baby, thinking about all the wonderful people that Mickey brought together with his music, love, and soul.

You mentioned some songs about Christmas, that Mickey sang. I along with many others, I think, have a Christmas cd of Mickey's. Maybe someone, smarter than I, can tell you how to get one. One of my best ever memories of Mickey is when Mickey sang a portion of Silent Night, there in the floor of his parents home. I think   it was just me, Mickey, and Milton, his dad, that were there that day. Seems like it was a day when I rode my motor cycle over and my wife wasn't with me.

My God, that was a long time ago! Mamie was still working at the office supply, my wife, Suzette, was still going to college, Milton was still alive, Jerry ( his brother) had a job and didn't play golf from sun up to sun down,and some where in the distant future I would meet a dumb *ss named Dave.

This is getting way longer than I planned but let me warn you, if you or your dad try calling the Newbury family, there could be a chance that the person answering might be one of Mickey's two dumb butt daughters.


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