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Author:  Jason
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Date:  1/6/2011 8:29:36 AM
Subject:  Re: Looking for Freedom
Message:  Ok on the phone with Dad...

Here are the details, my Dad has never heard the song, "Freedom". So I was partly incorrect in what I mentioned before. He said he found "Freedom" from a listing in a Country/Western Artist price book for 45's. It was listed as a song on the back side of the "America The Beautiful" 45 record.

The first time he heard, "Amazing Grace" from Mickey was at FarmAID broadcast several years ago. He is unsure if it was with Cortelia Clark or not because he was looking for a VHS tape to record the song so he missed most of it. He also read from his book, "Mickey's Life Story" that he might have recorded a single of "Amazing Grace" that wasn't released? So he is hoping there is a copy of that to be found.

A story my Dad wants to share goes like this. He called Mountain Retreat awhile back and unexpectedly Mickey answered. My Dad was pretty surprised he was talking with THE Mickey Newbury and so he inquired about a solo recording of Mickey singing, "Amazing Grace". Mickey responded by saying to keep checking back, but graciously offered to sing the song for my Dad over the phone. My dad was caught off guard by the unexpected offer and thought it was a joke so he didn't take him up on the offer. Only to find out later that Mickey was serious and had done this for several other people before.

Susie, my Dad wants to give you this message, here are his words:

I am Mickey Newbury's biggest fan and I am always trying to get people to listen to him. It's sad that he never got the full recognition for all his work. I also want to let you know that if you have any unreleased recordings of Mickey I would be interested in purchasing them. Also do you have any recordings of Mickey singing solo of, "Merry, Merry Christmas", "Merry Christmas", "Silent Night", and "(Oh)Christmas Tree". I think these songs are some of his nicest works. I would be interested in talking with you if you are open and like I said earlier I try hard to get people to listen to Mickey Newbury whenever I have the opportunity to do so...

David (Dad)

Thanks again for your time!


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