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Author:  Jason
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/5/2011 12:36:39 PM
Subject:  Looking for Freedom
Message:  Hello fellow fans!

My dad is a Huge Mickey Newbury fan! He has all his albums and can't get enough of his music! I would have never known about Mickey if it was not for my dad.

My dad is not computer/internet literate so he has commissioned me to do his investigative work for him.

I have already "googled" multiple times, but to no avail so I figured the best place to ask for help was here on Mickey's very own website!

Here are the details, I need help in finding a couple of hard-to-find songs. In particular, Mickey's song, "Freedom" which also had "America The Beautiful" on it. And also Mickey's rendition of "Amazing Grace" that was done solo.

If you have any information regarding the above items and where they can be found; purchased I and my dad would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for your help!


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