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Author:  ZRyan
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/7/2004 7:50:23 PM
Subject:  for Cali
Message:  Gliding gulls
Unseen in spectral fog
Dive to be heard
Among the living
In the house of slanted light
Waist-high water
Rises at the windows
Sharp-edged seaweed
Fluted shells
Sun sets
A red bowl on a blue table
Soon she dreams
Her love-bound hero comes
Through a crooked doorway
Hanging open in the sky
Oh, I've been to the city
I've seen the city lights
And the curbside urban sparrows
And the lonesome crows
Now stars glide across the wide sky
And clouds with starch
In the bright white of them
This story for you then, Cali
You with your pistol in your new boot
How windows flared
When that last sun
Slipped into a western sea
Everything in the sky
Suddenly bright again
You and I
At the edge of the world
Maps spread across the dashboard

You can live without snow, Cali. Baking shortbread butterflies and bunnies. And it's the bottom of the 9th on a stopped southbound freeway...

 for Cali by ZRyan at 4/7/2004 7:50:23 PM