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Author:  A.R. WALTON, writer
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Date:  11/10/2010 5:49:21 PM
Subject:  Trenton
Message:  We were expecting a baby.
Instead, we had Trenton.

We were expecting all the usual pregnancy complaints we had heard so much about.
Instead, we never felt better.

We were expecting a tedious nine month wait with an end that would never come.
Instead, the end came too soon.

We were expecting panic and disorganization when the big moment arrived.
Instead, we welcomed it calmly.

We were expecting a cool detached clinical attitude during labor.
Instead, we found warmth, humor and real people.

We were expecting tears, of pain and harsh words when things got rough.
Instead, the tears were of joy and the words of love.

We were expecting a long and difficult trial.
Instead, we shared a short, but wonderful experience.

We were expecting something pink, wrinkled and noisy.
Instead, we were blessed with a beautiful son.

We were expecting to meet a stranger.
Instead, we became a family.

We were expecting to see just another little person among the crowd.
Instead, oddly, we saw none but ours.

We were expecting to bring him home to live in our house.
Instead, we quickly discovered, we were living in his.

We were expecting things to be just a matter of routine and schedule.
Instead, it is round the clock instant service with a smile.

We were expecting a lot of hard work just to keep up.
Instead we share labors of love.

We were expecting a lot of sleepless nights.
Instead, we have an occasional very long day.

We were expecting loving, pleased, grandparents.
Instead, we found loving, tearful, folks bursting with pride and overflowing with " I remember whens. "

We were expecting to let the new baby know very early in the relationship, just who was the boss around here.
Instead, he did.

We were expecting to be able to love the new addition quite a bit and teach him to love us in return.
Instead, he has taught us what love really means.

We were expecting to teach him how to be a good child so he would never let us down.
Instead, he is teaching us how to be good parents, and by really working at it, we hope we will never let him down.

Yes, we were expecting quite a lot from our little boy, maybe even too much.
Instead, now, it seems like a better idea just for all of us to try to grow up together, help and enjoy each other while we can.

We were expecting a new resident in our home, who would always be here.
Instead, I guess he will grow up and one day come home and say
" Guess what, Mom and Dad - we are expecting!"

And we will look at each other through the tears and think back to a time, when we were expecting a baby too, but,
Instead.....we had Trenton.

                                                                                            A.R. Walton

 Trenton by A.R. WALTON, writer at 11/10/2010 5:49:21 PM