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Author:  Doug
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/3/2010 9:07:54 AM
Subject:  Re: Population Growth
I remember Carol starting labor on the Friday.
Old soul's coming in a brand new package! And
me getting ready to sign for the baby like he
would be here quick as a UPS delivery. :-)

Did I get to know that woman over the next
two days? Jackie, I believe I asked her if she
was 'comfortable' at one point. Heck, if she'd
had a pistol handy I wouldn't be writing this.

At one point, the labor stalled, we went for a
five in the morning walk to Jericho Park. She
had a long contraction in the park. I leaned
over, hands on my knees, while she rested on me.

She's a Buddhist, and she began doing her chants.
It was a bit foggy in the park. She was loud
as a foghorn by now. An old couple walking their
chihuahua came out of the mists. Freaked them
out pretty good, even the dog.

Joness didn't arrive until Sunday morning just
as the sun said hello. Tired as Carol was, the
first thing she said after he was born was,
"I'm not pregnant anymore." Haha.

The long, intermittent labor bonded us with that
boy. He was hell getting here, but heaven when
he did. Father's Day, 1982. Seems like it was
yesterday, I swear.

Mysterious, natural process, birth. Laura, I am
sure that you are going to know that baby well
by the time that he arrives. It will be a moment
that will glow in your heart forever.

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