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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  laura.s.newbury@gmail.com
Date:  10/27/2010 7:53:21 PM
Subject:  Re: Laura Shayne is having back labor!
Message:  Oh my gosh you are out of control.

Several things people don't know on Facebook:

1. The baby dropped over a week ago.

2. My back has been hurting like this since I tried to run from that stupid cow. Every once in awhile I tweak it and it hurts. My chiropractor knows all about it. Nothing new, and most likely not back labor.

3. Suzette has to take sleep aides to keep from staying awake all night listening to you talk about giving birth to a salad with a porkchop in it, and Lord knows what else... or am I the only one who is blessed with such enlightening conversation?

4. I would not let C.W. within 500 feet of my house (no offense C.W.) during labor. No thank you.

5. My sister has much better things to do than listen to me whine about being in pain... like shovel snow off her driveway. Ask her about it. She's thrilled that it's snowing there already.

6. You're crazy.

7. Trenton's middle name is most definitely not Donald (no offense to your middle name LL) though we are big duck fans... perhaps we'll have to reconsider. ; )

8. I'm going to bed.

9. And I'm not having this baby tonight so stop freaking out.

10. What would be really funny is if I enlisted about 10 people to call your house in the middle of the night tonight to tell you I had the baby when I really didn't. Let's see how well you like "awakening calls" from some of YOUR favorite people. Hmmm??

Oh and I love you. No matter what Dave says.


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