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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  10/15/2010 8:57:13 PM
Subject:  Re: SUSIE G. SUSIE G.
Message:  Thank you, Susie, for calling Mamie. It kept my butt from getting kicked.

You know, after Bree saying that you were her hero, I got to thinking, there's not too many people as wonderful as you. You're really something. The way you pulled off Gathering # 9 was great. Some still say it was the best one yet, because it was so informal and relaxed.

Since I was a small part of putting last years gathering together, I probably shouldn't say this and nothing against the others that did most of the work, I think I liked your Gathering better also.

I might get expelled for this but, I wish we could have an old fashioned gathering again at some time in the summer ( where Mickey and his music are the focal point ) and still there could be a giant Mickey Newbury extravaganza to keep Mickey's music in the public eye and expose him to others that don't know that much about him and have a one or two week Mickey Newbury Singer/Songwriter Festival in Mickey's honor and artist could come and maybe do there own thing and show their talent as a writter and performer. Some may attend both.

I could use a few days just listening to others play and sing their favorite Mickey songs and, some, tell some old stories about Mickey. Hey, I could listen to Jonmark for a whole day or two
( as long as I didn't have to interact with him and he'd bring Bree).

Hey, my church has two services. The early one is more traditional and the second a little more contemporary.

Cake AND ice cream........ It's just a thought.... Maybe a bad one


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