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Author:  Susan C.
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/2/2004 3:18:10 PM
Subject:  Re: email
Message:  The virus writers, spammers and malicious people out there scan websites, chat rooms and even this porch looking for addresses. Then they send emails that appear to be coming from you to hundreds of others. Unfortunately the Yahoo Front Porch Friends site is one of the places I have found they lurk. Keep your anti-virus up to date, don't open any attachments and don't respond to any spam - if you unsubscribe they confirm your address and give it to others. We have been getting them by the hundreds and they target law firms, courts, etc. as well as your average everyday citizen. They want access to your address book. Don't forward emails. Copy the text of an email and send it to one individual at a time, and don't reply to a big list of people, they get one name, get in and scan their address book and will target everyone on the list. A firewall has almost become a must today, too. Thanks for the warnings - that's the best idea - pass it on.

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