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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  10/9/2010 9:57:54 PM
Subject:  Lorrie Morgan @ Dosey Does
Message:  Lorrie Morgan is still Fantastic. Cute as can be and, man, can she belt those songs out. Mickey would be proud of his old friend's new cd that just came out. One song, I think it's called Mirror Mirror, was just awesome.

After the show we waited to be at the end of the line to buy a cd and have it autographed. Even though we were at the end people still hung around just to be around her. She was so gracious to everyone that was in the packed old Dosey Doe barn. Each person was treated like they were the most important person in the world to her.

There were a few that had stories and pictures and songs to present to her as to her being an inspiration to them. When they laughed, she laughed. When they cried, she cried. Everybody had to have their picture made with her.

Steve Said, the owner of DD, had already told her that we were coming and she treated us like royalty. It was late but, I knew Mamie sleeps lightly, so I called her and she and Lorrie Morgan sat there in front of the world talking to each other on the phone. Suzette took a picture of her talking to Mamie. She seemed to be so excited to finally meet the mother of the man that had such an impact on her creative ability.   Most of the conversation dealt with the friendship and respect that Lorrie and Mickey had for each other.   When she handed the phone back to me she said, " Oh my god, what a sweetheart."

God bless Steve Said. While introducing Lorrie, he mentioned about the Mickey Newbury Gathering that took place this summer.

The show was going over live on one of Houston's favorite C&W radio stations.

Everyone, especially if you are a woman, should hear the Mirror Mirror song.

Oh and again, God bless Steve Said. With ticket prices, which included a wonderful dinner, being $88...$98... and $118, he told Suzette and me to come up and be his guest, so that's the kind of price tag ( FREE ) I can live with. I tipped our young waiter forty bucks. Suzette ate but I just had desert and a couple of cokes.

It was one of the most enjoyable evenings that I've had in a long time.

I told her she needed to come to a Newbury Gathering and she said "Just Ask Me."

Well it's Midnight and I still have two bar b qued briskets, for my pastors family, to slice up and take to church with me in the morning.

Love you guys, Good Night

 Lorrie Morgan @ Dosey Does by larry larry at 10/9/2010 9:57:54 PM
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