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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  10/7/2010 6:43:04 PM
Subject:  Mamie
Message:  Talked to her this afternoon and she sounded great. Actually I told her that I knew she was better because she was quite the Smart *ss more than one time, on the phone. She'd say something, she thought was cute, and start laughing. Just goofy things like I'd say I was going to run to the store and she say well baby why don't you just take your car and save your energy.

I told her tp ask her doctor if Suzette and I could come pick her up Saturday night, from the hospital, and go to Dosey Does with us to see Lorrie Morgan. May sound stupid but I think she'd do it.

She feels that , since tomorrow is Friday, she will probably not go home until next week sometime.

 Mamie by larry larry at 10/7/2010 6:43:04 PM
 Re: Mamie by Craig at 10/7/2010 9:36:52 PM
 Re: Mamie by larry larry at 10/8/2010 5:57:02 AM