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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  10/6/2010 6:51:21 PM
Subject:  Mamie's Hospital, nice area
Message:  I visited Mamie for about an hour and a half this afternoon. She seems to be doing ok and is ready to go home. They are waiting for the stubborn old ##&%!! to start eating, before she can do that. The supper they brought her, around 5:30 pm Texas time, looked good to me. Roasted chicken with veggies and rice , salad, and fruit.

Our dialogue went something like this:

Mamie: I'm not hungry.

Me: Looks good to me. If I were staying I'd eat it. Look and smell how good it is. Chicken , vegetables, and rice.

Mamie: I'm tired of chicken.

Me: Well, it's good protein to build up your strength and you can mix your rice and veggies together.

Mamie: I don't like rice.

Me: Well they want to see you eat so that you can go home.

Mamie: I'm still not hungary. I may eat the roll.

Me: I've got an idea..... WHY DON'T YOU NOT EAT A BLASTED THING AND LIVE HERE, THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? It's closer to where I live and I can see you more often!

Mamie: Just smiles, like she won another argument with me, again.

ME:I lean over and kiss her on the head as she hugs me. " I'm going home. I love you."

Mamie: I love you too darling. Kiss Suzette and the rest of the family for me.

Me: I walk to the door and turn around and point my finger at her.....EAT!!!

I stop at the soda machine and realize that I have no money what so ever with me and that makes me even thirstier. I leave the hospital and look for the nearest ATM machine. I see this little building that says it has an ATM machine and cashes checks and pays top dollar for gold.

I go in and don't see an ATM machine. All I see is this dude behind what looks like a bullet proof glass. I ask about the ATM machine.... you know somethings not right, especially in that part of town, when you have to pass your debit card to the guy behind the thick glass. I have to pay a three dollar fee to just get fifty from Mr. Santa Claus.

I drive down the street to a little store. There is a nice Caddy and a long Lincoln parked out side. A few sleezy looking guys and about a half dozen "Ladies" with very very tight fitting pants and tops , outside.

Must be some guys from the Welfare Department trying to get these " Ladies " a date for the evening. I'm assuming that it's part of a government escort service that Obama's stimulus plan is financing.
This African American guy and a white guy must be doing work for a cleaner environment because I saw the AA guy give the white guy a little trash bag and the white guy payed him for doing so. If we would all follow their example, this would be a cleaner country.

I went in and bought, what the sign said, was $2 for two Mountain Dews. I started to tell the lady behind the register that she charged me a dollar too much. But I heard her talking to the other worker who was on the phone with the police, who were on their way there, and I figured I might ought to leave.

I politely moved through the crowd of people and got in my truck where I felt safe until I remembered that my 45 automatic was in the other truck and not the one I was in.

This truck must be pretty powerful because it sure did squeal the tires when I left.

I don't think I'm going to go see Mamie , at the hospital, in the late afternoon ever again.


 Mamie's Hospital, nice area by larry larry at 10/6/2010 6:51:21 PM
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