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Author:  Tophe
E-mail:  cmeunier@infonie.fr
Date:  10/2/2010 10:43:18 AM
Subject:  Re: Foreign naive question: how to pronounce Mi...
Message:  Thanks a lot for this very precise explanation, and in the good direction, making a complete difference with the French Mickey-Mouse.
By the way, Tophe is pronounced Tof here in France but my family in law, in the Philippines, says Tofee...
For Mickey Newbury, the right pronunciation is required for the novel I am writing (as hobby), where a young girl has invented a phonetic simple spelling in usual letters, and her lover is happy to tell her (in a letter) he lives in Mickey Newbury Street (in French "Rue Mickey Newbury"), name of his favourite singer (like me, the writer...).

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