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Author:  Larry larry
E-mail:  Lmooremnm@aol.com
Date:  8/31/2003 5:37:18 AM
Subject:  New Beginnings
Message:  Like Mickey said “The hands on the clock return to the same place.” Here we are back at home with a remodeled version of the old porch. Looks nice.... A new beginning.

Some of you know that there was some concern about my MRI. The doctors found a spot on my brain but it turned out to be nothing (found out last Monday).... A new beginning for me.

My daughter, Monica, is getting Married this Thursday night. She was originally going to get Married in March, then it was Dec. and now, it will be this Thursday. I told her that everyone would think she is pregnant, because of the rush. Actually it’s her desire to be pregnant that is causing everything to be in a hurry. She’s had a very bad case of endometriosis since she was a teen. She just finished up her shot that kept her in menopause for six months last June. The shot kept her pain free. She had her third surgery last July 7 but the stuff still grows back with a vengeance. The doctors told her that the sooner she tried to have children the better. She goes to the doctor,this week, for a test, to see if she needs to be on fertility drugs in order to get pregnant. I told her that I hoped she didn’t have so many children, all at once, that we’d have our own private day care. Keep her and her, wonderful husband to be, Billy Stanley, in your prayers. He’s a great guy and an answer to our prayers...... Another new beginning.

I know this is getting long but also, along the lines of a New Beginning is Laura Shayne going off to college. It’s strange, and I really don’t know her that well, but I’ve become very emotional about her entering the world. It has brought back memories of Monica going out on her own. I’ve emailed her poems of love, encouragement, and even one, of a sort of,“Lecture” about keeping her mind focused. If she’s like my kid, she probably wasn’t too wild about that one. No one can replace her daddy but we all need to “Adopt” her in our prayers....... A new and adventurous beginning.

Here’s a poem I wrote, for someone on the board last year (of course, I can’t remember who, brain spots, you know) and I revised it a little for my daughter. Hope that’s ok. It will be read at her Wedding Shower, at her school, next Tuesday.


“Her mother and I,” words hard to say.
I release her hand, and give her away.
It’s more than a hand I placed in his palm.
My wife was so proud, she said I looked calm.

More than a hand, I looked at through tears.
My mind quickly raced through twenty - five years.
A master piece built, with much love and much prayer.
God! She's so pretty with the light in her hair.

I held that hand just after her birth.
No greater feeling can match it on earth.
I held that hand with the first steps she took.
The print of that hand's in her ‘BABY'S FIRST BOOK’.

I held that hand when she got her first shots.
Just the thought of that day puts my stomach in knots.
I held that hand on her first day of school.
With, only, me crying, I felt like a fool.

I held that hand on her first “Trick or Treat”.
Dressed like an angel, and a smile that was sweet.
I held that hand when her puppy dog died.
We held to each other as both of us cried.

I held that hand, one bright Sunday morn.’
Her faith was in Jesus, a new life was born.
I held that hand when her first love had ended.
I held it tight ‘till her broken heart mended.

I held that hand, as she moved out one day.
The sun brightly shining, but my world was all gray.
I held that hand when she showed me her ring.
I liked the guy, but my heart felt the sting.

Now her hand’s in his, and her life, now, is too.
The tears in my eyes make it hard to see through.
My wife holds my hand, we both start to cry.
We sat there so proud,’”Her Mother and I”.
larry d moore

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