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Author:  San Diego
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Date:  9/29/2010 6:35:10 PM
Subject:  Re: 9/29
Message:  Once upon a time on the old Blue Board Mick talked with us almost nightly. Thought the new folks might like to see this.

"...let us go back 2000 years. From the Middle East...one tribe...from Northern Europe another. They meet in what is now known as British Isles. They bring with them their music. It is the story of their people; It is the song of their Heros...It is a gift from their God. They conquer other tribes, as they move across the land, all the while adding to their "BAND" new and exciting instruments. NEW SONGS. At some point they become one people with a (somewhat) common language. They leave Europe, at some disputed time in the past, and come to these shores bringing with them their music. Many years later it is discovered, the purest English spoken on the planet is spoken in the Appalachian Mountain range. Why?...because of their isolation.What is their song? Where did it come from?...It's just music... One of God's greatest gifts to Man..."

Mickey Newbury

(Posted exactly as he wrote it.)

"We'll see them again. All of them." Love to you, Leah.

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